Buzen Technologies Site Redesign


We have a new look. The team at buzen technologies took time to refurbish and get a new look at our digital home.

Many times, companies refurbish their offices and upgrade their assets for branding purposes to capture the client attention and trust but few do refurbish their websites. Well this could have something to do with the fact that many digital upgrades especially in design always require the users to get reacquainted with the flow and functionality and most companies would not like to inconvinience their users.

This is why I say, it should not be frequent, but it should be done once in a while majorly because design partterns are always changing and you will find that users will always get irritated by your designs if they seem to be out of touch from those they are meeting on other websites and applications they use.

With that, we are now upgrading our design.


Buzen Technologies

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